Weekly Schedule for Science

In Science, we will do a different activity each day. Below is a list of some of what we will be doing each day. Click the links to get a preview of what we do in class using Google Classroom!

💡Mondays - Monday Machines 💡

Objective: Students will work with STEM Materials to explore the innerworkings of all types of machines. Using the principles of the six simple machines, students will use Mondays to make the impossible not so impossible.

Materials For Activities: How Its Made, Six Simple Machines - Biology Simulations


🗣Tuesdays - Talker Tuesday or Tear It Apart Tuesday 🗣

                 Objective: Students will watch a science related TED Talk and discuss the video in a verbal discussion and summarize it in a paragraph. Students may also participate in a dissection of a different member of our animal kingdom. Worry not, these are all digitial!

Materials for Activities: TED Talks In Science, Different Dissection Labs, PBS Dissection Labs


👀Wednesday: Webquest/Watch It Wednesdays 👀

                 Objective: Students will interact with a webquest or watch a science related video about the current weekly topic. 

                 Materials For Activities: Science Court, Webquest Set 1, Webquest Set 2


🤔Thursday: Thoughtful Thursdays 🤔

                 Objective: Students will take a topic that is impacting the environment and create a plan on how to remedy or solve the issue. We also may be in "the lab"

Materials for Activities: Science Challege, Solving Problems with Logic, Lab Resources, Lab Activities, Virtual Labs



🎧👂Friday: Science Fridays  🎧👂

Objective: Students will choose stories to listen to from https://www.sciencefriday.com/