At Stadium View, the Math curriculum follows the Minneapolis Public School Curriculum outline and Minnesota State Math Education standards. Here is a 2019 Draft of the Minnesota State standards also accessible here in a spreadsheet.

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What is Stadium View Math?

  • Stadium View is a unique setting. Because of this, our Math curriculum is modified to meet students where they are academically. Students are provided work that is tailored to meet their specific learning styles (Differentiation). The academic goal is to re-engage our students by brushing up on basic skills, foster a deire to challenge themselves with unfamiliar concepts, empower students to lead/teach their peers new strategies, and provide opportunity for credit recovery. 

What is Taught?

  • A wholistic approach is applied in order to accomodate all students based on grade, academic achievements or needs. According to the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in Mathematics, the standards are organized by grade level and broken down into four content strands:
  1.  Number and Operation
  2.  Algebra
  3.  Geometry and Measurement
  4.  Data Analysis and Probability

How is it Taught?

  • As mentioned above, Differentiation is the goal when implementing instruction. The needs of our students are ever changing and evolving so we are prepared to meet the needs of as many students as possible by providing instruction that incorporates hands on activities through games, visually stimulating through interaction with the Promethean board or white board, hand written assignments through worksheets, and life application through movies and videos that depict Math in everyday life, careers, as well as triumph over the struggles with comprehension of Math. Peer teaching is strongly encouraged as well as the ultimate goal; we strive to equip our students with tools to educate and motivate each other in Math, thus fostering positive leadership capabilities.

Credit Recovery

  • Students at Stadium View are presented with a unique opportunity for credit recovery. In Math, students are encouraged to take advantage of the extra credit packets created and provided by teacher. There are over 40 packets that cover Basic math equations, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, and some Calculus. These packets range between 1 to 5 hours of credit recovery and align with the Minnesota State Math Standards that are required for graduation by MPS.


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