Social Studies at Stadium View Instructor: Mr. Johnson

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What is Social Studies at Stadium View?

Core Social Studies course taught at Stadium View: World Studies

World Studies at Stadium View is the interdisciplinary study of cultural, political, economic, and ecological interconnectedness and the relationship of these interconnected pieces to real world experiences. In World Studies, we study patterns of migration including; but not limited to, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, tribal migrations in the African continent, the diaspora of Africans around the globe, European colonization and migration to the African continent, and various migrations to Latin America. 

What other courses in Social Studies are available and covered at Stadium View?

                                •   Human Geography

                                •   United States History

                                •   Sociology

                                •   Economics

                                •   Government and Civics

                                •   Psychology

                                •   Ethnic Studies (NEW Graduation Requirement Starting SY 2021-2022)    

Policy Change: Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement

The Minneapolis Public Schools Department of Social Studies is proud to share the following information as the Minneapolis Board of Education voted on and approved a policy change in which students will be taking a 1 semester ethnic studies course as a graduation requirement starting with those in 9th grade in 2021-22


"the Minneapolis Public Schools School Board voted to make a 1-semester ethnic studies course a high school graduation requirement. The discipline of ethnic studies emerged in the Civil Rights Movement and is tied to the much longer history of BIPOC demands for racial and educational justice. In Minneapolis, students, families, and community members have been publicly advocating for ethnic studies since at least the 1970s. Ethnic studies courses were previously offered for elective credit at various schools. This new policy means that all students, beginning with those in 9th grade in 2021-22, will have the opportunity to choose from a menu of ethnic studies courses. For more information about ethnic studies and course offerings in Minneapolis Public Schools, please see our website at"     


How is it Taught?

  • Social Studies at Stadium View is taught in a constructivist, holistic style approach. The Social Studies curricula is divided into units based on subcategories of Human Geography, World Studies, United States History, Sociology, Economics, and Psychology. 

        •   The holistic approach is practiced via multidisciplinary styles of teaching. Here, at Stadium View, other disciplines of Math, English Language Arts, Science,              Life Skills, and Visual Arts use thematic teaching based on multicultural and student chosen topics. 

Credit Recovery

  • Students are encouraged and provided with additional work and projects they can complete to earn additional credit hours. Work is available in all catigories and subjects required for graduation by MPS.