Physical Education and Health


Fitness for Life 

At Stadium View, the Fit for Life (physical eucation) curriculum follows the Minnesota and National physical ecucation standards

What is Stadium View Physical Education?

  • Stadium View is a unique setting. Because of this setting, much of the curricula is modified to meet students where they are academically. Students are provided work that is modified for their specific learning styles.

What is Taught?

        • The Fitness for Life curricullum has an emphasis on fitness, health, wellness and social emotional learning.  Activities students participate in include: fitness training (running,    biking, walking, resistance weight training, stretching, and core activities). Usually these activities are done in our fitness center.  Other activities students participate in include;volleyball, badminton, basketball, touch football, soccer, tennis and others.

How is it Taught?

  • The wholistic approach is practiced via multidisciplinary styles of teaching. Fitness training involves much 1-1 instuction and peer teaching. Activities including volleyball, and basketball involve whole group learning.



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