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Mr. H enters his fifth year of teaching at Stadium View, and ninth year overall, in the fall of 2020. Before teaching at Stadium View, he taught in Pipestone, MN for four years as a 7th Grade, 11th, and 12th Grade Social Studies teacher. Mr. H has experience in designing course curricula for Middle School and High School. Previously, he has taught American History at all levels from middle school to post secondary.

Subject wise, Mr. H has passions in Social Studies and  the physical sciences of Chemistry, Geology, and Environmental Science. He earned his Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls for Secondary Education in Social Science education focusing on history. Additionally course work was taken in the Earth Sciences, Chemistry, and Geology.

Mr. H shares his passion for literacy and the importance for reading and writing with his students. He holds a Masters Degree in Literacy form the University of Minnesota (2018). His firm belief is that these two disciplines put together unlock the door for lifelong learning, enjoyment, and self expression. His goal is to teach science through understanding meaning of texts and also with hands-on activities that open up students minds to the wonders of science and potential careers with in it. 

Currently, Mr. H is in the process of obtaining his licensure and Special Education Masters from the University of Minnesota where he is specializing as an Academic Behavioral Specialist (ABS)

Mr. H holds membership and is active in several professional associations including the Minnesota Historical Society, Coroporation for Public Broadcasting, International Literacy Association, and Education Minnesota. Formerly, he was part of the Minnesota Coaches Association. 

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