English Language Arts

At Stadium View, the English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum follows the Minneapolis Public School Curriculum outline and Minnesota State ELA Education standards. Here is the Second Draft of ELA Standards from MDE.

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What is Stadium View English Language Arts?

  • The English Language Arts program is adapted on a daily basis to best suit the students attending that day. Assignments and projects are modified for each group in class as well as individually. Students with special education services receive direct instruction and inclusion supports in collaboration with the special education team. 

What content is typically covered?

  • English Language Arts encompasses a wide range of skills students are building upon, from personal narrative writing, constructing research papers, reading and interpreting literature, examining primary sources, to writing poetry. Student voice is a central aspect of curriculum choices through decision making during the planning process, leading project-based learning, and expressing themselves in creative writing.

Since students need 4 years of English credit, how can students work on credit recovery?

  • Students are encouraged to work on getting extra hours toward missing credits. They are provided with additional assignments and projects they can complete to earn these additional credit hours. Students can collaborate with Ms. B to construct a personalized project, or complete more generalized literature and article analysis assignments. Work is available in all categories and subjects required for graduation by MPS.

Stadium View Poetry and Art Book

  • Throughout the year, students who write poetry in class can elect for their poems to be typed and saved for publication in the annual Stadium View Poetry and Art Book. This is a decades long tradition, and each resident receives a copy to celebrate their published work. Students dive deep into the creative writing and editing process to create poetry while experimenting with different types of poems.