Cross-Curricular Multicultural Units




Exploring Diverse Identities


Cross-curricular units are important part of the learning community at Stadium View where students and staff explore a variety of themes and issues related to each topic across multiple content areas. Staff are committed to involving student voice in these units and exploring how these identities may have been missing or misrepresented in past narratives. Students explore the intersection of their own identities and continue to build a multi-faceted understanding of the complexity and value of different identities in our community.

For example, in previous years, while students studied the history of Iran and Iranian conflicts with the United States in Word History class, they read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi to examine a personal Iranian narrative and wrote about how themes from the authors life related to their own. These topics were chosen to represent the diversity within the identities of our students, staff, and community, and the calendar aligns with some national or international celebrations of those identities.

September: Latino Heritage

October: LGBTQIA+ History

November: Native American Heritage

December: Disabilities Awareness

January: East African Heritage

February: Black History

March: Women’s History

April: Middle Eastern Heritage

May: Asian Heritage

June: Caribbean Heritage