Mr. Milone (SVHS Studio Art 2020-2021)

Welcome to Studio Art at SVHS. I will be posting the projects we are working on in class below as the school year progresses. 

Use the following link to access the SVHS Studio Art Google class page for more information on what we are doing in class:



Triangle Pattern
Students created a triangle pattern using line, color, and shading.
Hoop Landscape
Students created a basketball-themed landscape with a foreground, middle ground, and background.
Freestyle Lines
Students created a dynamic background using different line types.
Block Letters
9/14 - Using basic block letters to build graffiti-style letters
Skull Collage
9/15 - Using simple skulls to build a complex pattern
Jordan Warp
9/16 - Using a simple repeated outline to create a striking pattern
9/17 - drawing celebrity cartoon portraits
9/18 - observational animal drawings
Boombox Landscape
9/21 - urban landscape with boom box
Pyramid Landscape
9/22 - pyramid landscape with horizon line and vanishing point
Thriller with Monsters
9/23 - Michael Jackson Thriller scene with monsters
Flaming Skull
9/24 - simple skull with flames, shaded
Flaming Heart
9/24 - heart with flames and sword, shaded
Overlapping Bars
9/25 - overlapping bar pattern
Lucky Charms
9/28 - creating patterns with simple images
Dice with Flame
9/29 - simple dice montage
Japanese Dragon
9/30 - Japanese-style dragon with characters
Art Still-Life
10/1 - simple still-life with shading
Picasso Portrait
10/2 - drawing a portrait in the style of Picasso
Hot Wheel
10/5 - drawing a race car with background
Skateboard Designs
10/6 - drawing designs on skateboards
Clothing Design
10/7 - drawing designs on clothing using a logo as a starting point
Skulls and Flowers
10/8 - double skull with flowers composition
Desert Landscape
10/12 - simple desert with road, mountains, and vanishing point
Junk Living Room
10/13 - living room with tv and junk, cartoon style
Pacman Board
10/19 - Pacman level with multiple characters and objects
Pacman Court
10/20 - basketball court design with Pacman characters
Basketball Life
10/21 - still-life with basketball objects
Modern Portrait
10/22 - drawing a portrait in a modern style
Skull and spider
10/26 - still life with skull and spider
Basquiat Portrait Style
10/27 - drawing a portrait like Basquiat
Monster Spooky City
10/28 - simple city with monsters
Diner Still-Life
11/2 - cheeseburger still-life with ice cream
Haring Story
11/3 - using Keith Haring figures to tell a story
Pop Art Shoes
11/4 - pop art inspired shoe designs
3D Head Dress
11/6 - creating the illusion of three-dimensions through line and shading
Circles in Space
11/9 - using simple shapes and a vanishing point to create depth
Beach Landscape
11/12 - simple 4-color beach landscape
Mona Lisa Redo
11/18 - we will be creating a mini mona lisa
new money
11/20 - we will be creating new money designs
hole illusion
11/23 - we will be creating a hole illusion
pit illusion
11/24 - we will be creating a pit illusion